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Hair donations are the foundation of Rizos de Amor y Alegría A.C. because with these donations we make wigs for children who suffer from hair loss as a result of any illness. All of our wigs are manufactured with natural human hair which make longer lasting and durable wigs for the children who receive them. In order to be able to donate your hair, you must meet the following requirments:



- Your hair must be at least 30 cm (12 in.) long. It’s better if you cut it into several pony tails so that more of it can be used. If you have it cut in layers, the shortest layer must be at least 30 cm (12 in.) long


- It cannot be dyed or have highlights in it.


- It cannot have gray hair


- It cannot be dried out, with split ends, or bleached





Important points about your hair donation:


  • Hair that has been saved over any amount of time can also be used, as long as it meets our requirements and is in good condition. Also, do not 

  • Hair collected from the floor after being cut cannot be used.It is better if your hair is separated into layers of the same lengths and then tied with bands.

  • Any person’s hair can be used: men, women of any age and hair of any color (with the exception of gray hair).

  • There is no length limit to how long the hair donation can be after a minimum of 30 cm. (12 in.).






Now download the donations form below and write an e-mail to or contact us through the "CONTACT" tab on this page so that we can tell you where to send your donation.


Rizos de Amor y Alegría A.C. protects all of our donors' personal information and divulges no information to third parties.


Rizos de Amor y Alegría does not accept donations in large.










Filling Mexico with smiles...


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