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Who are we?


Rizos de Amor y Alegría A.C. is an organization that donates wigs made of natural human hair, to the exact measurements of Mexican children of low resources who suffer from chronic hair loss or long-term hair loss from any type of sickness. In order to provde comfortable wigs of high quality we use natural human hair provided by hair donations from the general public.




Our mission


Our mission is to help Mexican children who suffer from hair loss to reestablish self-esteem, boost confidence in themselves and help them to be able to become acclimated into society where they can live and function alongside other children.

How does it work?


The process begins when someone wants to donate their hair and meets certain requirements. The hair is sent to Rizos de Amor y Alegría A.C., who in turn manufactures a high-quality wig which goes through an artisanal process and is made to perfectly fit the child’s head. The children and their families who qualify as candidates to receive a wig apply for one through Rizos de Amor y Alegría A.C. and are placed on a waiting list while we review each case and determine whether or not they qualify and we meet with the child and parent(s) to take measurements.


Finally, the child receives his or her custom-made wig with instructions on how to wear and take care of the wig. Although the hair donations drastically reduce the cost of the wig, the labor required to manufacture the wig is high. Rizos de Amor y Alegría A.C. sells a fraction of the hair we receive to be able to subsidize these costs. The cost of the wig can also be subsidized by money donations to the association. You can also help by donating money!

Filling Mexico with smiles...


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