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Are you interested in helping us in a fundraiser on your own? Rizos thrives on the support of each of our volunteers and fans. You can help by becoming a part of our campaign!

Fill out our personal fundraiser form to help with a Choklo Bank by clicking on the paw below.


Do you own a business or work in a company that would like to support our Non-Profit Organization? Contact us today  and we can send you information about the association, create personalized videos for your fundraiser etc. We would love to have your support!


Is your school interested in holding a fundraiser for Rizos? We would be glad to send your school a personalized message about what Rizos de Amor y Alegría A.C. does and how you can help. We would love to have your support!


Fill out our school fundraiser form by clicking on the paw below.

 Fundraisers in the United States: Louisiana

Karina Avendaño

Founder and President

 There are many ways in which you can participate in Rizos de Amor y Alegría A.C. that don’t exclusively include donating hair. For example, the money we receive from selling hair is not enough to pay for the full creation of each wig. Money donations are always welcome. You can also help us to manage the operation of the project by becoming a volunteer. Finally, if you have a company, you can sponsor and help to support this noble cause.

Llenando a México de sonrisas...


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